class braindecode.datasets.TUHAbnormal(path, recording_ids=None, target_name='pathological', preload=False, add_physician_reports=False, n_jobs=1)[source]#

Temple University Hospital (TUH) Abnormal EEG Corpus. see

  • path (str) – Parent directory of the dataset.

  • recording_ids (list(int) | int) – A (list of) int of recording id(s) to be read (order matters and will overwrite default chronological order, e.g. if recording_ids=[1,0], then the first recording returned by this class will be chronologically later then the second recording. Provide recording_ids in ascending order to preserve chronological order.).

  • target_name (str) – Can be ‘pathological’, ‘gender’, or ‘age’.

  • preload (bool) – If True, preload the data of the Raw objects.

  • add_physician_reports (bool) – If True, the physician reports will be read from disk and added to the description.

Examples using braindecode.datasets.TUHAbnormal#

Benchmarking eager and lazy loading

Benchmarking eager and lazy loading