How to cite Braindecode#

Citing the Braindecode#

If you are using the library in a scientific context, to cite the braindecode software, you can use the canonical journal article reference

@article {HBM:HBM23730,
author = {Schirrmeister, Robin Tibor and Springenberg, Jost Tobias and Fiederer,
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title = {Deep learning with convolutional neural networks for EEG decoding and visualization},
journal = {Human Brain Mapping},
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doi = {10.1002/hbm.23730},
month = {aug},
year = {2017},
keywords = {electroencephalography, EEG analysis, machine learning, end-to-end learning, brain–machine interface,
  brain–computer interface, model interpretability, brain mapping},

Citing the MNE#

Braindecode is built on top of the MNE-Python software. you can use the DOIs provided by Zenodo. Additionally, we also ask that when citing the MNE-Python package, you cite the canonical journal article reference below:

author={Gramfort, Alexandre and Luessi, Martin and Larson, Eric and Engemann,
        Denis and Strohmeier, Daniel and Brodbeck, Christian and Goj, Roman and Jas,
        Mainak and Brooks, Teon and Parkkonen, Lauri and Hämäläinen, Matti},
title={{MEG and EEG data analysis with MNE-Python}},
journal={Frontiers in Neuroscience},

Citing other algorithms#

Depending on your research topic, it may also be appropriate to cite related method papers, some of which are listed in the documentation strings of the relevant functions or methods. We recommend always check the documentation of the function.