class braindecode.datasets.BCICompetitionIVDataset4(subject_ids=None)

BCI competition IV dataset 4.

Contains ECoG recordings for three patients moving fingers during the experiment. Targets correspond to the time courses of the flexion of each of five fingers. See and for the dataset and competition description. ECoG library containing the dataset:

subject_idslist(int) | int | None

(list of) int of subject(s) to be loaded. If None, load all available subjects. Should be in range 1-3.


When using this dataset please cite [1] .



Miller, Kai J. “A library of human electrocorticographic data and analyses.”

Nature human behaviour 3, no. 11 (2019): 1225-1235.


static download(path=None, force_update=False, verbose=None)

Download the dataset.

path (None | str) – Location of where to look for the data storing location.
If None, the environment variable or config parameter
MNE_DATASETS_(dataset)_PATH is used. If it doesn’t exist, the “~/mne_data”
directory is used. If the dataset is not found under the given path, the data
will be automatically downloaded to the specified folder.
force_update (bool) – Force update of the dataset even if a local copy exists.
verbose (bool, str, int, or None) – If not None, override default verbose level
(see mne.verbose())

Examples using braindecode.datasets.BCICompetitionIVDataset4